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  1. MistressDEbi

    My friends are on Cam4 right now! Tell them MistressDEbi sent you!
  2. MistressDEbi

    Thanks for the add!

    Ok, no one has responded so that means no complaints. :love: Here is a link for you, my new forum friends. Ashley_and_Mariana are just so cute! Tell them MistressDEbi sent you and one will flash her breasts or butt for you! The site is free, but...
  3. MistressDEbi

    Camgirl Reviews: Ashley_and_Mariana

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to offer a link to my two friends Ashley and Mariana who are very nice people and have opened their own studio in their home! If you will click the link and find them online, let them know that MistressDEbi sent you and...
  4. MistressDEbi

    If anyone wonders, the Avatar picture is a young Mae West. My hero.

    If anyone wonders, the Avatar picture is a young Mae West. My hero.
  5. MistressDEbi

    About the camgirls who lie about their country of origin

    I think lying is a turnoff. On the other hand, my best friends live in Columbia and have for awhile now. They are Venezuelan but had to leave. I think you all know the troubles there. They work so hard, to help their families! I do not think they lie to say they are in Columbia. It is just...
  6. MistressDEbi

    Thanks for the add!

    I'm a fan, and friend, of a nice lesbian couple who are Cam Models and recently opened their new studio at home. They are very nice girls and I think they will offer a little free peek if anyone lets them know that MistressDebi sent them. Of course, be kind and respectful. Would anyone like a...