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    My friends are on Cam4 right now!

    You are welcome to add details... Sex fetishes? dildos? Interactive dildos? Roleplay? The more you add details and the more people are likely to click on your link. For example, you can talk about a roleplay that you had online or you can write a role play. You can talk about sex toys...
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    blonde camgirls sucking a really thick big cock A really big thick cock being sucked by a all natural blonde camgirl from Hungary.
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    She is a super hot brunette milf with big natural boobs. She is from Germany. She speaks and understands English perfectly. Her nude shows are great. If you like lingerie and if you fantasize about a hot naughty housewife, go there for a roleplay. She is also a smoker for those who like it. her...
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    Did chloenight chloenightzz stop working as a cam girl?

    No, she still works as webcam girl, she is now ingridnight at chaturbate
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    Busty sexyvenera

    Available on streamate
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    a brunette with big breasts

    All natural brunette with an arab/indian face. She is busty and she did a dildo sex show with a thick dildo.
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    chaturbate camgirls - the most expensive cam girls on the internet?

    I feel like the private chat sessions of chaturbate cam girls are among the most expensive on the Internet.
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    About the camgirls who lie about their country of origin

    I noticed it as well. I think it lowers the quality of webcam sex chat websites when cam girls pretend to be from a country they aren't originated from. I think that as customers we should contact support and we should apply a zero tolerance for cam girls who lie on their profile. There have...
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    Streamate user reviews

    post your user review here. Tell us what you like and what you don't like about streamate. Talk about your experience with Streamate camgirls. Tell us your stories that you would like to share.
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    Stripchat user reviews

    Please post your user review of Stripchat. This is where you tell us what you like and what you don't like about stripchat. Talk about your user experience of stripchat. You can also talk about the stripchat camgirls in general.
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    Have you been already blocked for using a VPN?

    have you been already blocked using a VPN to access Streamate? I already have been blocked and it was a strange situation. I logged in first to streamate and then, I could not do anything anymore. I had to contact the streamate support team to get my account unlocked.
  12. A vs layout

    I don't know if you have noticed but there is a different website layout, when you connect to and when you connect to I prefer the layout because the sidebar on the left shows all the options. What do you think?
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    Skinny girl with tattoo on left leg

    This camgirl with a tattoo on left arm had a great time riding a big plastic dildo. Do you know her nickname?
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    Videos from busty mystique Estelle Taylor
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    Videos from busty mystique Estelle Taylor

    Here is the thread for videos of Estelle Taylor.