About the camgirls who lie about their country of origin

It is annoying to see that many cam girls pretend to be from Greece and they are from Romania, or they say they are from France and in fact there are from Russia or Ukraine. I am a native french speaker and I discover that those women don't speak French. I think that they target french "customers".
What do you think?


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I noticed it as well. I think it lowers the quality of webcam sex chat websites when cam girls pretend to be from a country they aren't originated from. I think that as customers we should contact support and we should apply a zero tolerance for cam girls who lie on their profile. There have been a general lying trend lately where women also lie about their age, their height, their spoken languages...
I think it is annoying. It is annoying to see for example all those Russian women who make believe they come from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Lying is not necessary.
And we pay for it. There is nothing like that in everyday world. I wonder if it is not illegal to publicly pretend that you come from another country when it is exchange of a service.
I think lying is a turnoff. On the other hand, my best friends live in Columbia and have for awhile now. They are Venezuelan but had to leave. I think you all know the troubles there.

They work so hard, to help their families! I do not think they lie to say they are in Columbia. It is just simpler to say than to explain the whole situation.

I love these girls very much, and I hope they will let me post a link to their studio...which they have made in their own home! I am so proud of them. They fill my life with laughter and singing, and of course have great shows for those inclined to enjoy.

By the way, I almost gave up Web Cams as I thought the models were mistreated, and often just very fake. But when I met my friends, and saw how they can take care of themselves, I knew they would not let themselves be mistreated! And now with their own studio they are their own bosses. And there is never a question that they are being real people. It is so nice to know them.

I hope they allow me to share a link. They are not like models who have 300, 400 or more people watching. They try to pay attention to people.