Should we accept webcam chat without 2 way audio today?

I mean as I am writing this post it is 2018. Should we accept that a cam model refuses to turn on the audio? It is annoying to type and on top of that, when we type we waste time typing while it costs money.
More importantly, I think that it is not good when the cam 2 cam is not available and when it costs something like 3.80 /minutes

I think I know why most of the cam girls who don't turn the audio, do it. I think they try to chat with as many people as they can on different websites. Seriously this has to change.

I think that the adult webcam chat website that will offer 100% camgirls with audio will have a huge marketing advantage over other adult webcam chat website. I think it is the future.

What do you think?


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There is such a difference today between women/studios who offer a high quality webcam streaming with a good audio quality on one hand, and on the other hand, women who don't give F*K and just want to get the money. They don't answer quickly, their audio is off. I think it is not normal. Perhaps it would be ok to pay $1.50 / minute but no more.
I think we should have like a movement. Like NoAudioNoMoney NANM
typing NANM and leaving the chat room.
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